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The martyrologist thus emerges as an extremely well-read author, and not just in a ninth-century context.
Lexical and syntactic knowledge of written narrative held by well-read-to kindergartners and second graders.
The well-read-to children also gave richer " "readings" " of the wordless picture book by providing more explicit background information and clearer reference to characters and events depicted.
The fact of a physiological conversation between the newly-fertilised egg, the enveloping duct system, and the adjacent gonad should not cause surprise in well-read audiences of the 1980s.
We are trying to write letters next door and this well-read speech is making so much noise that we can hardly hear ourselves think.
All that we heard was a well-read resume of the theoretical position on insider dealing legislation.
We have not had a debate but rather a series of well-read, or in some cases not so well-read, speeches.
He is a well-read man with a strong sense of humour and wide interests, which make him popular with members of staff, both young and old.
He is well-read and spends much of his time lecturing to the reader about history, culture, politics, religion and literature.
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to prevent further disagreement in arguments or war by giving to the opposing side an advantage that they have demanded

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