Prince jackson opens up in rare interview about dad michael jackson


The now 18-year-old, who's been going by Bigi instead of the nickname his dad picked out, has been leading a life as cđại bại to lớn normal as possible thanks khổng lồ his sprawling but extremely close-knit family

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The world's most memorable glimpse of Blanket Jackson was bizarre by any standards, his father's storied quirks aside.

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On Nov. 19, 2002, Michael Jackson carried his then-9-month-old son, born Prince Michael Jackson II, to lớn the balcony of their suite at the Adlon Hotel in Berlin and proceeded lớn hold hyên over the railing to show hyên off khổng lồ his cheering fans as a horde of photographers angled for a glimpse at the pop icon's third child. A towel shielded the baby's face the entire time.

Jackson may have proudly envisioned a Lion King moment, và ironically he was in Germany lớn accept an award honoring his lifelong commitment to helping children, but the incident prompted outraged headlines the world over & even inspired a tragic plot point in a 2003 Law và Order episode.

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"I offer no excuses for what happened," Jackson said in a statement as the concern over his fitness as a father reached fever pitch in the span of 24 hours. "I got caught up in the excitement of the moment. I would never intentionally endanger the lives of my children."

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The curiosities had only just begun, however, when it came to Jackson's parenting style & it was really only after he died in 2009 that glimpses of hlặng as a "normal dad" started khổng lồ emerge, thanks to lớn loving memories shared by his two eldest children, Prince Jackson (born Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.) và Paris Jackson (Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson).

Jackson's youngest, that little baby who was so memorably introduced khổng lồ the world, is now 18. A few years ago he ditched the nickname "Blanket" and started going by Bigi. He loves movies, is "really into lớn comics & the comic book world," a source told E! News recently, & he's living that regular-teenager life, astounding familial history aside. 

He attends high school & is "especially tight" with older brother Prince, though all three siblings are cđại bại, the source added.

"my little brother is a legal adult today. what the f--k," Paris wrote on Instagram Friday, sharing a few old photos. "i used to change his diapers. this is such a trip.. proud of the handsome, intelligent, insightful, funny, và kind young man he has become. he likes privacy so that's all i gotta say. hbd lil bro."

"I think with any siblings, you know, you grow up in a situation & factors that are very similar," Prince told Access Hollywood in October at the "Thriller Night" benefit he hosted at the family home in Encino, Calif., for his foundation, Healing Los Angeles. "Just like in that situation you have a bond with them because notoàn thân else really understands how you grew up or how you were raised. But they 100 percent underst& you & it's a very raw, unfiltered relationship.

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