Trading platform for bitcoin btc fast, reliable and trust worthy


New to crypto? Here’s our guide!

We want lớn make it easier for you to lớn buy cryptocurrency — including Bitcoin và Ethereum — no matter where you live sầu in the world! Learn from us as we walk you through some of the topics that beginners will need to underst& lớn get started.

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Bitcoin with
#NameBased inRegulatedFoundedDepositsWithdrawalsPrice
CoinbaseCoinbase, Inc.
United States of America
$ 33,388
KrakenPayward Ventures, Inc.
United States of America
$ 33,394
Binance USBAM Trading Services, Inc.
United States of America
$ 33,371
United Kingdom of Great Britain và Northern IrelandAquảng bá 2015
$ 33,575
United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern IrelandJun 2013

How to lớn Buy Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies

We understand that it can be difficult và confusing for new users to take their first steps inkhổng lồ the world of Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. is here khổng lồ help! We’ve sầu collected information from over 300 cryptocurrency exchanges globally & through that data, prepared a quichồng guide to lớn help you choose the best crypkhổng lồ exchange so you can finally buy your first Bitcoin!

The options available to purchase Bitcoins và other assets bởi differ from one country to lớn another due lớn the laws that exchanges operate under. The options to buy Bitcoin with credit cards, debit cards or transfers from a ngân hàng trương mục also differ from country lớn country and between exchanges. Here at, we are here to help guide you through those options.

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As you might have sầu seen from our homepage, there are thousands of cryptoassets to choose from. While most people start with one of the biggest coins — such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash or Ripple — it is possible to purchase very obscure, high-risk và speculative assets as well.

Choosing the Best Bitcoin Exchange

The very first step involves choosing an exchange or trading platform that supports the deposit & withdrawal of your local fiat currency. Many exchanges are localized và only tư vấn a select number of currencies. This page allows you lớn see which exchanges support your currency of choice.

Using our extensively collected data from all exchanges, we are able khổng lồ rank these exchanges based on volume, liquidity (how easy it is to lớn buy và sell Bitcoin) and each exchange’s estimated number of users. We hope this ranking can help you better decide where you would like khổng lồ buy your first Bitcoin!

You can also kiểm tra if exchanges are licensed và regulated, the different deposit và withdrawal methods they tư vấn, their fees & trading commissions & their Bitcoin price. We have conveniently displayed all the information for you to lớn make your decision on just one page.

These subjects might sound a little mundane, but it is important to remember that a crypto lớn exchange has khổng lồ operate under similar rules to a stockbroker. This means that they have very high standards for documentation to comply with the local laws. Certain exchanges might not be a good fit for you because of the country you are from and it is helpful to lớn know that in advance, so that you can choose the best place to buy Bitcoin và crypto lớn for your own situation.

Understanding the Different Payment Methods Available

There are four main methods of depositing local currencies on a cryplớn exchange. They are: 1) Local bank transfers; 2) International wire transfers; 3) Third tiệc nhỏ payment processors; 4) Credit/debit cards.

For the first several years, it was not possible to buy Bitcoin or any of the other early cryptocurrencies with a credit card, debit thẻ, or with third tiệc ngọt payment processors lượt thích PayPal, because it is possible to reverse those transactions. Since a blockchain transfer cannot be reversed, it would have sầu been possible to lớn pay, receive the crypto lớn, transfer it off the exchange & then reverse the payment. This meant that for years, the price of BTC & all crypto lớn was supported by real money with no borrowing.

Therefore, until quite recently, it was only possible khổng lồ get Bitcoins from an exchange with either a local ngân hàng transfer or a wire transfer.

Advantages Disadvantages

Local Bank TransferUsually the quickest, easiest and cheapest with a local ngân hàng accountNot all exchanges will offer this service
International Wire Transfer (SWIFT)The SWIFT protocol is widely accepted and used to lớn transfer money (large and small amounts)May take a few days lớn process, higher fees
Third Party Payment Processor (Paypal, Webmoney, Skrill, etc.)Quick and easy for users with accountson these platforms lớn deposit and withdrawNeed to create an account with third tiệc ngọt payment sites
Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard)Quichồng & easy to deposit small amounts of moneyVery expensive (credit card fees are passed khổng lồ you), and there is usually a maximum deposit sum (which will be small)

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