Dinh cô Ở long hải, long hải (township)


Long Hai is one of the two towns of Long Dien District, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province. Long Hai Town is about 12km from Vung Tau City & nearly 100km from Ho Chi Minc City. This is one of the destinations chosen by city travelers to lớn spend the weekkết thúc or relax with beautiful beaches, golden sands, & many places lớn enjoy their holiday.

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Dinc Co Temple

Dinch Co, Long Hai, Ba Ria – Vung Tau. Photo:

Legend has it that Dinh Co is a small shrine worshiping a virgin death by drowning, which is built on a windswept hill of Long Hai Beach. The soul of the girl often appears in the dream lớn help the villagers avoid many calamities and plagues. Thus it’s worshiped by local people who named her as Long Hai Goddess. Over time, the shrine was re-built and added more spaces in monumental architecture & traditional style.

The Dinc Co Beach is below the temple. Visitors can combine a trip to visit both Dinc Co Temple và the beach which has golden sand, very smooth và clear xanh water.

Ho Coc Beach

The beauty of Ho Coc lake. Photo lớn by Hoang Dat

Dubbed as a cheap paradise, Ho Coc Beach makes visitors want lớn come and stay. Ho Coc is a small sea area of Bung Bien Commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province. Being quiet, this sea is pristine and beautiful, which attracts visitors with beautiful beaches along the forest.

The fresh air and scenery in Ho Coc Beach help visitors to relax & forget the fatigue of a tornavì chưng life. In addition, the beach is spotless with green water & cliffs in many chất lượng & beautiful shapes along the coat.

Besides, coming lớn Ho Coc, you can also have fun by participating in many other exciting activities such as windsurfing, driving cars…

Minh Dam Mountain

Minch Dam Mountain – Vung Tau. Photo:

Minch Dam Mountain is about 6km from Long Hai Town. Coming there, visitors will have a chance lớn visit a place that was a revolutionary base in the two wars against France và the United States.

Previously, the mountain was called Chau Long – Chien Vien, but in 1948, to lớn commemorate the two soldiers – Bui Cong Minc and Mac Thanh Dam- who sacrificed at the foot of the mountain, the mountain was renamed as Minc Dam Mountain.

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The first impression of visitors when coming there is the majestic natural landscape with thick green forests. There are many caves in the mountains that used khổng lồ be a place of living and of the soldiers. Each cave sầu was an army unit.

Binc Chau Hot Spring

Located in the middle of the primeval forest, with more than 70 points of open-water sprinkling with abundant mineral mud, Binc Chau Hot Spring is an igiảm giá khuyến mãi destination for visitors who are looking for a convenient resort cđại bại to nature. According khổng lồ a number of studies, the composition of Binch Chau Hot Spring is similar khổng lồ other famous hot springs, which can treat skin and cardiovascular diseases.

To exploit the benefits of hot springs, this place is built into a resort, which is in harmony with the beautiful nature và quiet space. Coming there, visitors can visit and enjoy the holiday in the hot mineral water at 820C which can boil eggs in 10-15 minutes. At Suoi Mo Lake and Que Huong Lake with hot mineral water at 370C, visitors can soak in the warm water. In the mud bath area mixed with essential cajuput oil, visitors are fond of the skin with smooth blachồng mud.

Ho Tram Beach

Ho Tram Beach. Pholớn by Tđê mê Tran Van

With many pristine beaches và beautiful và peaceful scenery, Ho Tram has been one of the most attractive destinations for visitors in recent years. The climate in Ho Tram is relatively cool và pleasant all year round with two distinct rainy and sunny seasons.

Ho Tram has been recognized as the most beautiful & pristine beach in the world by a famous American TV channel.

Traveling to Ho Tram Beach, visitors will have the opportunity khổng lồ enjoy the fresh and delicious seafood dishes. This is a suitable choice for you to be able lớn combine with Binc Chau Hot Spring Tourism, promising to bring you a wonderful vacation.

Long Hai tourism – the area which is cool all year round, visitors can come any time but the most suitable time is in October & November because this is the time you can just relax & visit the spots while having the opportunity to watch the cherry blossom. With this “to 5 places to visit in Long Hai”, Vietnam giới Drive hopes to lớn provide you with useful information for your trip. Wish you have a wonderful holiday with your family. (Minc Yen/ Vietnam Drive)

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