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FDI Spotlight: What would you say are the main challenges & achievements of VietSoftware International Inc. so far?

Mr. Le Xuan Hai: I will start with our achievements first. Despite the fact that we are small we’ve been the largest Vietnamese software supplier khổng lồ IBM US since 2003. Our next big achievement is lớn leave sầu our footprint in Japan & we are working very hard for it. We also increased as a company, from having a small team of đôi mươi people lớn a few hundred engineers. We started training people in-house at our company with many programmes focused on engineering và Japanese language và culture. Because the dem& is high, we are also going to offer a few thous& engineering opportunities lớn other Vietnamese software companies to work in Japan.

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Over the last 10 years, I would say that the challenges our country has faced have been the laông xã of training và resources. Many companies are not understanding how meaningful is to lớn invest in proper training for their staff và there is no norm lớn qualify engineers. Their skills and abilities to lớn perform the job is seen through customer contracts so if the customer is happy, that is seen as enough. They are missing the implementation of a qualification system for engineers to lớn meet the màn chơi of chất lượng on an international basis.

What would you highlight as the key factors for ease of doing business?

Mr. Le Xuan Hai: I believe sầu the best practice lớn follow is collaboration. In order to lớn establish a business relation between partners, they need lớn underst& each other, their different approach & culture. Since 2006, our company promotes this concept, a concept that I learned from the manager of IBM. So we strongly believe sầu that this is the key for working together with our local customers as well as with the international ones. We are looking for new investors that can chia sẻ our values & believe sầu in the potential of Vietnam.

How confident are you in Vietnam giới becoming the next digital hub in the region?

Mr. Le Xuan Hai: I feel that the opportunity is there but there is a long way lớn go. The potential is there because we are catching up with modern technology. This is beneficial for us because we can learn, invest and promote development inside the country for our younger generations. There are many channels for investment such as seeding but we need many more sources of investment to lớn get there; we can’t bởi vì it alone. In order for our country to become at least the digital hub of this region, we must see a clear strategy from higher public levels.

What is your added value in the market and what sets VietSoftware apart from your competitors?

Mr. Le Xuan Hai: We don’t see each other as competitors because we are small và the group is not big enough for us lớn have competitors. In terms of our value, we probably bring the most added value to lớn the international market. We like to lớn work in our own way, sometimes slowly but always providing services of the highest quality thus making our customers and partners following our collaboration concept on the long term run. IBM has mentioned that we are very flexible in business in terms of negotiations and our tư vấn khổng lồ them. In 2012, we became the first Vietnamese company lớn vị Software Oriented Architecture (SOA) business with The Information Bus Company (TIBCO) to supply và implement the SOA system. Many banks are using this service we provide and within the domestic market, we are trying to change the values of our customers by using the right giải pháp công nghệ and architecture.

Currently, what strategies are in place that ayên at attracting new partnerships and new investors?

Mr. Le Xuan Hai: We want to lớn expvà internationally và not only grow within Vietphái nam. Firstly, we want to lớn expvà our services in Japan because their market lacks the required engineers, và we also want to lớn open a branch in the US, which we’ve been trying to lớn vày for the past 10 years. Our biggest constraint is that all our financial tư vấn is supplied by the projects we run, so by investing in more projects we expvà our people & offices, which means we will need new resources.

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At the moment, we are also changing our internal systems so we focus on five sầu or six product directions, which is different lớn the way we operated before. We are focusing on what we bởi vì well, testing it thoroughly, & offer our customers customisation instead of doing everything from scratch. We have sầu also changed our infrastructure to lớn the Cloud based system & we also vì chưng hàng hóa development.

What makes you proud of being Vietnamese?

Mr. Le Xuan Hai: I think it feels very natural. I’m Vietnamese and I’m proud of being Vietnamese. I see it as a very basic question & answer. Personally, I believe sầu the Vietnamese have sầu their own characteristics & values that make us recognizable from other countries & people. Every nation has something of their own.

How beneficial is the TPP for your sector và for Vietnam’s economic growth?

Mr. Le Xuan Hai: I think the TPPhường Agreement is going khổng lồ bring many advantages to lớn our country và will make changes in terms of our policies and mind mix, which is important. As a private company, we expect a better promotion for us, the business sector và concrete tư vấn from the government.

Do you think that the government should implement any reforms in order to attract more foreign investors và companies khổng lồ Vietnam?

Mr. Le Xuan Hai: I think the government has been doing that. They understvà the opportunities Vietnam has khổng lồ offer. Especially in our sector, we have small and medium software businesses that include innovation. What I don’t see are clear strategies mix for us lớn become a digital hub. Like Malaysia, Singapore or Korea, all of whom have clear strategies for becoming more high tech, I don’t see this yet here.

What is your message for our readers of Newsweek magazine?

Mr. Le Xuan Hai: Our company has many ambitions in doing business, khổng lồ accomplish our mission, lớn drive our people & make sure they have jobs, lớn have sầu good international relations, changing the values of our customers. I hope for our potential partners to lớn underst& our company operations và the industry from an internal point of view.

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