Ceo lê thanh hoài supership lê thanh hoài: cộng sự như người bạn Đời


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According to lớn a source from Shark Tank Vietphái nam, SuperShip"s revenue increased sharply from 323 thousvà USD in 2017 to lớn more than 2.6 million USD in 2020, which is nearly 10 times more than after calling capital on television.SuperShip offers an efficient and optimal delivery model.Not only successfully raising capital in the reality TV show Shark Tank Vietphái mạnh, but SuperShip is also one of the few projects that have been successfully appraised và officially received international investment.

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Shark Tank - The billion-dollar giảm giá khuyến mãi is a very hot reality show on television. Although it has only been broadcast for 3 episodes, the content is not an entertainment program, but the attraction of Shark Tank is still not inferior lớn any popular gameshow.

SuperShip is a delivery franchise Mã Sản Phẩm, founded by CEO Le Thanh hao Hoai and co-founders.Appeared at Shark Tank, Le Tkhô giòn Hoách brought an impressive và complete introduction to lớn his company. Hoai"s Super Ship is a company specializing in delivery services, collecting money for online shops with a total of 70 delivery staff & 30 office workers.

According khổng lồ Thanh Hoai nghiêm, everyday Super Ship processes about 2000 orders, & the growth rate per month of his company is from 10 khổng lồ 20%. In particular, the last month"s revenue of Super Ship was about 1 billion VND. Coming to Shark Tank, this guy wants to lớn invest 87 thousand USD, equivalent khổng lồ 10% of the shares.

In 2018, SuperShip appeared in the first season of the Shark Tank Vietnam giới television series and up khổng lồ 4/5 sharks agreed to pour capital. Finally, SuperShip chose Shark Tran Anh Vuong, the investor to appear only in season 1 of the show.


Under the tư vấn of Shark Vuong, over the years, SuperShip has continuously developed and expanded its Mã Sản Phẩm to the provinces. According to the latest updated information from Shark Tank Vietnam, in 2020, this startup reaches a revenue milestone of more than 2.6 million USD, nearly 10 times the figure of 2017.

Although the sales figure is quite impressive, the community still questioned how much profit after tax that SuperShip gets. Some other opinions suggest that startups, in the early stages of development, can not tell the profit story immediately, & sales increase is a sign that the startup is still on the good growth momentum. Winning the market, pushing sales is important.

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Before that, when a new business was established about 3 months ago, SuperShip had problems with the loss of customers" goods in the process of transport, being under truyền thông và financial pressure for a long time. The leaders of the business had to hold a meeting to lớn discuss stopping the business & closing operations. However, CEO Le Tkhô cứng Hoai and a friover continued to maintain, then appeared at Shark Tank Vietnam giới & cooperated with Shark Tran Anh Vuong.

Also from Shark Vuong"s suggestion, instead of following the original direction of opening representative sầu offices in each province, SuperShip chose lớn develop the model under the form of a franchise.

In each province, SuperShip just chooses one or a few agents và then transfers the giải pháp công nghệ behind them. In essence, the order is still going lớn SuperShip"s system, but the delivery will be done by the post office. Thus, Hoai"s startup has 2 sources of revenue: 1 is the franchise fee, & the other is the percentage of revenue per ship.

Later, when sharing in the press, CEO Le Thanh hao Hoai phong himself admitted that the franchise mã sản phẩm helps SuperShip to race in the delivery game. Not only taking advantage of the financial capađô thị of the whole system, the partner"s market knowledge in the provinces và cities, the franchise Model also creates a competitive sầu advantage in cost & delivery time.

According to information from this business, SuperShip currently has over 270 post offices nationwide, each day processing about trăng tròn,000 applications, up 10-20% per month.

With the ambition to transfer this mã sản phẩm to local delivery units and connect it inkhổng lồ a system, a widespread logistics network. SuperShip has constantly strived to lớn perfect the system, plan local development strategies, standardize branch manager training programs, và are now ready to lớn tóm tắt and cooperate.

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