Buy bitcoin fast and easily in vietnam in 2021


Bitcoin in Vietnam giới is a hot topic these days. Despite opposition from the banks & government, there’s still a thriving cryptocurrency market with lots of promise.

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Bitcoin is growing in value all the time, which makes it an ikhuyến mãi opportunity for investors to lớn make money. At the time of writing, a single Bitcoin is worth 338 million Vietnamese Dong (if you want khổng lồ trade Bitcoin VND is accepted on many platforms).

In 2017, 7,000 new Bitcoin mining rigs were mix up in Vietnam, & 5,000 of these came in after November. This suggests a huge amount of activity in Vietnam’s Bitcoin economy.


Because of the svào stance the banks have taken against cryptocurrency in Vietphái mạnh, it’s important to get lớn know the rules first, but buying and selling Bitcoin in the country can be highly rewarding.

Things to lớn Know Before You Get Started


Bitcoin is becoming heavily regulated in many parts of the world, and Vietnam has recently taken some steps in this direction. As of 2018, it is illegal to use Bitcoin to pay for things in the country.

Anyone breaking this law is liable lớn face a large fine & maybe even imprisonment. This means it’s very important to be careful & understvà the law when dealing with Bitcoin in Vietphái nam —but it doesn’t mean that it’s illegal lớn invest in Bitcoin in Vietphái mạnh.

The law doesn’t prohibit investing in Bitcoin — just don’t use it to buy products và services in Vietphái mạnh. Also, new legislation as part of a wider economic upheaval will attempt khổng lồ tax Bitcoin assets in the country, so make sure you pay what you owe.

Support for Bitcoin in Vietnam

While the government might be against Bitcoin, the good news for investors is that there’s still a large community of Bitcoin enthusiasts in Vietnam giới. There are four Bitcoin ATMs in the country, all located in Ho Chi Minh City.

There are also plenty of online resources where Bitcoin fans can interact and tóm tắt ideas. These include a number of Facebook groups, & forums lượt thích the Vietnam giới branch of Bitcointalk. There are also several platforms so if you want khổng lồ buy Bitcoin online Vietphái mạnh is well prepared.

Some shops in the country also accept payments in Bitcoin, although it’s worth noting that this is now illegal và it’s unclear how the new laws will giảm giá with these businesses. Remember, if you wish lớn purchase in Bitcoin Vietphái nam may not be the best place lớn bởi vì this.

However, if you’re careful & responsible và wish khổng lồ invest in Bitcoin Vietphái mạnh is perfectly fine.

Other Cryptocurrencies

Vietnam’s recent laws focus on Bitcoin, although they probably apply lớn all other cryptocurrencies too, so exercise caution.

While Bitcoin is the most well-known và valuable cryptocurrency, there are many others that are worthy of investment. These include Ether (ETH), Ripple (XRP), & Litecoin (LTC).

These are good choices because they’re fairly stable và reliable, & likely khổng lồ grow in value. There are also many other, less well-known cryptocurrencies which might not be such a good choice, because they’re more likely to lớn fail and đại bại value.

How lớn Buy Bitcoin in Vietnam

There are two main methods for those who wish khổng lồ purchase Bitcoin in Vietnam giới, and the one you use will depover on your preferences và reasons for buying. If you want lớn buy BTC online, VND is accepted in some places but not all.

The two options are khổng lồ buy as a CFD, or to buy directly from cryptocurrency exchanges. Each has its own pros and cons, which will be covered in the next section.


Buying Bitcoin as a CFD in Vietnam

CFD stands for ‘contracts for difference’, and it’s a way of trading that is traditionally used for stock market exchanges. It’s a good method for beginners because of its safety and simpliđô thị.

Why choose the CFD method?

When you buy Bitcoin as a CFD you can trade on leverage. This means you don’t have sầu khổng lồ put down the full amount of the trade when you buy, just a fraction of it. The benefit of this is that you can share your money over multiple trades.You’re exposed to the liquidity of two markets. In simple terms, this means that it’s much easier to lớn sell your coins and leave a market (it can happen straight away). With other methods you may have sầu to wait a while for somebody toàn thân else khổng lồ buy your Bitcoin.There’s a lot of regulation, and powerful organisations exist lớn enforce the rules with CFD trading. This means your risk of being scammed is lower than with other methods, và if something goes wrong you’ll get better help & tư vấn.Finally, you can expect lower fees và more flexibility with payment methods.

Using eToro lớn buy Bitcoin

eToro is one of the best platforms out there when it comes to lớn buying Bitcoin as a CFD. That’s because it’s very user-friendly, supports a wide range of payment methods, & has low fees.

This guide will explain how best khổng lồ buy Bitcoin from eToro. It’s supported in Vietnam giới, as well as most countries in the world.

Step One – Join eToro by going onkhổng lồ the website và clicking the button marked ‘Join Now’, as shown here:


This will lead to lớn a screen that looks lượt thích the one below. Here you must enter your name, along with a username and a password.


Step Two – get ready to lớn trade. After signing up you’ll need to add funds to lớn your trương mục so you can buy Bitcoins. To vị this, cliông xã the button marked ‘Deposit Funds’ in the bottom left corner of the homepage, which looks lượt thích this:


This will take you to lớn a payment screen, where you can enter the amount of money you wish khổng lồ deposit along with your chosen method of payment. One of the great things about eToro is the range of payment options. These include credit card, PayPal, và many others. Fill in your billing details.


eToro only works with a small number of currencies, and for those who wish khổng lồ invest in Bitcoin VND isn’t one of them, but it’s easy khổng lồ use another currency và work out the amount using a calculator or conversion tool.

For deposits over 2000 euros, you may be asked lớn provide identification.

Step Three – buy some Bitcoin from one of the markets. In the sidebar on the left h& side of the screen there is a ‘Trade Markets’ option. Click this lớn access the range of markets you can use. The best one for buying Bitcoin is the ‘crypto’ market. Cliông xã this one.


On the next screen, find Bitcoin và clichồng the number marked ‘B’ at the over of the same row. This will take you khổng lồ a screen where you can buy.

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Almost there! On this interface, you simply need khổng lồ enter the amount of Bitcoin you wish to lớn purchase. You can also mix a ‘stop loss’ amount & a ‘take profit’ amount lớn make the process more automated và easier.


Hit the ‘xuất hiện Trade’ button to lớn finish the process. Congratulations! You just bought some Bitcoin as a CFD.

Buying Bitcoin directly from an exchange

The downside khổng lồ buying Bitcoin as a CFD is that you don’t actually own the assets. When you buy from an exchange or from another person, you’ll actually be the owner of the coins you pay for.

When buying from an exchange, there are many options available lớn you in Vietnam giới. There are Vietnam-specific crypto lớn exchanges lượt thích VBTC, & plenty of international exchanges lượt thích Coinbase và Localbitcoins.

To get started in this process, one of the main things you’ll need is a cryptocurrency wallet.

Cryptocurrency wallets

Digital wallets don’t actually hold your coins. Instead, they’re home to lớn two chất lượng security keys (public and private) which you can use lớn access your coins and carry out transactions lượt thích buying and selling.

These come in many shapes và sizes, and the type you get will depend on how concerned you are about things lượt thích convenience and security.

Here are some of the main types of crypkhổng lồ wallet:

Online wallets — these are the kind you get when you sign up for an exchange. They’re based online, which means they can be vulnerable khổng lồ hackers. On the plus side, they’re easy to access và manage.di động wallets —these are stored on your phone, usually as an app. This makes them very convenient as you can access them from almost anywhere, and use them to lớn make purchases in places lượt thích cafes và shops. However, they’re only as safe as your phone is.Software wallets —these are stored on your computer, but offline. They’re sometimes called desktop wallets, và are safer than online versions because they’re tougher for hackers khổng lồ access. The downside is that they aren’t as convenient.Hardware and paper wallets —these are the least convenient types of wallet because they’re stored offline, away from the computer. Hardware wallets are kept on things lượt thích removable disk drives, and paper wallets are security keys printed onto paper. These are, however, extremely safe if you look after them properly.

Once you’re familiar with crypto lớn wallets and how they work, you can begin the process of buying from an exchange. Fortunately this is quiông xã and easy. The two main ways are to buy from a centralised exchange like Coinbase, or directly from another person on an exchange lượt thích Localbitcoins.

The second option has lower fees, but it’s important khổng lồ make sure you’re trading with a trustworthy person.

Buying Bitcoin in Vietphái mạnh with Localbitcoins

Localbitcoins is a great way lớn trade Bitcoin in Vietphái mạnh because it’s user friendly and affordable. It works by connecting buyers and sellers of Bitcoin, and you can buy using the platsize or by meeting in real life to lớn pay in cash. It also uses Vietnamese Dong; whereas with many platforms if you want to lớn purchase Bitcoin with fiat currency, VND is not an option.

Step One – sign up to lớn Localbitcoins by visiting the trang web và entering your name, gmail address, and a password.


Step Two – find a seller. Localbitcoins has a great tìm kiếm interface, where you can look for sellers based on their country, region, preferred payment method, and how much you wish to lớn buy. Payment methods are always phối by the seller.

You can select currency, & for buying Bitcoin VND is accepted on Localbitcoins.


The tìm kiếm results will show all the users who match your criteria along with some information. This is important because it shows how trustworthy they are — this will help you avoid scams.

The % number next to each user’s name shows their feedbaông chồng score, so alặng for users with the highest scores here. The number next lớn this one shows their number of completed trades. Again, higher is better.

The colour next to lớn their name shows how quickly they usually reply. Green means less than five minutes, yellow means less than 30 minutes, and grey means more than 30 minutes. This is probably less important than the first two numbers, but worth checking if you want khổng lồ urgently complete the trade.


Step Three – find a user who looks reliable & safe, and buy some Bitcoin! First check how much they’re selling the Bitcoin for (the number in green in the price/BTC column). Then, click ‘Buy’ lớn finish the trade.


reviews the final terms và the seller’s protệp tin, and then when you’re ready cliông chồng ‘Skết thúc Trade Request’ khổng lồ be taken khổng lồ a payment screen.

Now you’ve finished the trade and successfully purchased Bitcoins from another person. There is a small transaction fee in order to lớn pay the Bitcoin miners, but otherwise no costs.

When it comes khổng lồ Bitcoin Vietphái nam might have some strict regulation, but as this guide shows it’s still legal and easy lớn buy Bitcoin online in the country.

Rethành viên to stay educated on the law & take as many steps as possible to stay safe when trading cryptocurrencies. For those wishing to trade Bitcoin Vietnam giới is still a good place khổng lồ do this.

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