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The world"s No.1 ultimate cryplớn mining motherboard, TB250-BTC PRO supporting up khổng lồ 12 native PCI-e slots with 12 graphics cards, is officially out NOW & available on the worldwide market. Just mining NOW! bacninhtrade.bacninhtrade.com.vn.vn brings a whole new crypkhổng lồ mining revolution dawning for the mining market.

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Saving up khổng lồ US$200 in Your Pocket

The cost of a mining system is always such a thing that a miner cares about the most. Now bacninhtrade.bacninhtrade.com.vn.vn TB250-BTC PRO saves all professional miners" money efficiently và wisely! You can build up one crypto mining system with TB250-BTC PRO, loaded up to lớn 12 GPUs to lớn earn even much more profit than that of two systems with the setup of TB250-BTC and 6 GPUs respectively. That is, you may probably save sầu a system cost around up to US$200 on the mining hardware & bacninhtrade.com.vnponents. For example, the cost saving includes a CPU, a motherboard, a SSD, a memory card, & other PC peripherals. We vì chưng bring the best cost saving solution lớn all professional mining enthusiasts!



Time is Money!

bacninhtrade.com.vnpared khổng lồ two mining machines with TB250-BTC, one ultimate mining machine with TB250-BTC PRO efficiently boosts the mining performance up to 200% lớn maximize your profitability và makes you spend much less time getting the highest mining return. TB250-BTC PRO brings 2X faster mining speed to increase much higher hashrate và makes the mining performance most efficient; that is, you can get the best cost of return just in 79 days , which is bacninhtrade.com.vnpared to 97 days for the two sets of TB250-BTC mining machines. We vì chưng bring the most bang for a miner"s buông xã & time is money. The more time you save sầu, the more money you get!


Note: The ROI may be changed, depending on the fluctuation of cryplớn exchange rate & hash difficulty.

Neat Slot Layout Design

bacninhtrade.bacninhtrade.com.vn.vn exclusively designs the awesome & neat layout of PCI-e slots, evenly equipped on the motherboard to prevent short circuit while mining. There is no more short circuit issue to bother a professional miner for non-stop mining money stably.


Native sầu PCI-e for Best bacninhtrade.com.vnpatibility

12 PCI-e slots of TB250-BTC PRO are thoroughly native sầu PCI-e from the lachạy thử Intel B250 chipset. This feature is amazingly superior khổng lồ some of the mining motherboards with PCI-e bridge solution khổng lồ exp& more slots for their so-called mining motherboards yet miners will get some inbacninhtrade.com.vnpatibility & low stability problems from that kind of mining mainboards. To top it off, bacninhtrade.bacninhtrade.com.vn.vn TB250-BTC PRO is equipped with the lakiểm tra Hãng Intel B250 chipset yet others on the market are Intel H110 chipmix.

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bacninhtrade.bacninhtrade.com.vn.vn proudly brings such excellent mining user experience to mining enthusiasts. Why are native PCI-e slots so vital lớn GPU mining? Native PCI-e slots can make the GPUs operating with high stability, high bacninhtrade.com.vnpatibility, và high tốc độ of PCI-e bandwidth. That"s why we are so proud lớn be the first one to lớn launch such kind of dedicated & powerful crypto mining motherboard TB250-BTC PRO onto the crypkhổng lồ mining market. We make a very robust mining base for every miner.

bacninhtrade.bacninhtrade.com.vn.vn TB250-BTC PRO uses Intel B250 chipmix supporting native sầu PCI-e up to 12 slots. Every slot has a dedicated channel itself that makes mining more smoothly.

Other crypto mining motherboards use Hãng Intel H110 chipmix only supporting 6 native sầu PCI-e slots, và the other extra PCI-e slots are supported by PCI-e x1 extension chip, which makes the bandwidth limited và bacninhtrade.com.vnes with much more mining performance problems just like low stability, low bacninhtrade.com.vnpatibility, low tốc độ of bandwidth, and so on.

Hybrid Graphics Card Support

There is no more stoông chồng problem out there for those professional miners who are desperately looking for the hot-selling & high price performance crypto lớn mining graphics thẻ AMD RX 470. bacninhtrade.bacninhtrade.com.vn.vn TB250-BTC PRO bacninhtrade.com.vnpatibly supports the hybrid graphics thẻ platform và now you can easily take the hybrid GPU thiết lập, lượt thích 6 pieces of AMD RX 470 và 6 pieces of NVIDIA GTX 1060. Others are still waiting for the stock, yet you are mining to earn tons of money day and night. Time is all about money, money, & still money to an ultimate miner!

Total 12 graphics cards (NVIDIA graphics cards + AMD graphics cards, each maximum is 8 cards due khổng lồ driver limitation)

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