Down the line là gì, down the road/line/track


down the line

In the future. If you don"t bởi vì your homework now, it"ll be a problem down the line when you don"t know the material for the exam. I vày want to get married, but down the line, not any time soon.See also: down, line

down the line

1. Also, all along the line. All the way, throughout. For example, We"ve sầu found numerous errors down the line. The first term dates from the mid-1900s, the variant from the second half of the 1800s. 2. Also, down the road. At a future point or kết thúc. For example, Somewhere down the road I think he"ll be elected to high office. See also: down, line

down the line

COMMON1. If something happens down the line, it happens at a later stage of a situation or activity. Whether that will happen further down the line we cannot say. Note: You can talk about something happening a long way down the line when it happens at a much later date. He thought that military action was still a long way down the line. Compare with all the way down the line. Compare with along the line.

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2. If you talk about something happening a particular amount of time down the line, you are talking about it happening after that amount of time. About five sầu khổng lồ six months down the line I got a hotline from Steve sầu saying he had something for me lớn work on. Two years down the line things have sầu changed. Compare with down the road.See also: down, line

all along/down the ˈline


right down the ˈline

(informal) completely; at every stage: We’ve sầu had problems with this software all along the line. It was a complete waste of money. ♢ He supported their chiến dịch right down the line.See also: all, down, line

down the line

1. All the way; throughout: Errors are khổng lồ be found down the line.

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2. At a point or an end in the future.See also: down, lineSee also:

down the line

in the future, later, down the road Down the line, we"ll meet again & laugh at our argument.

down the line|down|line

adv. phr., informal 1. Down the road or street; straight ahead. The church is down the line a few blocks. 2. All the way; completely; thoroughly. Bob always follows the teacher"s directions right down the line.
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