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Large volcanic debris avalanches; characteristics of source areas, deposits, & associated eruptions.
The decline of agriculture in mountainous regions has also led to an increase in the number of avalanches, particularly in northern areas.
We are given harrowing descriptions of the avalanches of plural voters that descover at various elections & affect the decision in innumerable contests.
Though he did not mention landslides, no doubt he had them in mind in view of his reference to lớn avalanches.
What is the settlement structure and what is the planning policy in these areas where there may be a risk of avalanches?
We bởi vì not have volcanoes, avalanches, earthquakes or forest fires, and even our worst floods are not comparable lớn those experienced in other countries.
When is it that those avalanches really go down khổng lồ swamp the various divisions throughout the country?
None of us think much of the principle of indiscriminate, all-round distribution, & the pilot projects need khổng lồ act, as it were, lượt thích avalanches và trigger other similar projects.
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